Karis is an All-In-One anti-aging machine that uses Microcurrent, Nanotechnology, and Red Laser Toning. Nanotechnology helps inject highly concentrated, ultrafine particles deep into the skin using a mist gun. The effect of this is anti-aging, hydration, and evening out wrinkles and acne scars. Microcurrent uses less than 1mA (non-aggressive) waves to stimulate facial muscles underneath the skin to increase collagen and elastin production and skin rejuvenation. Red Laser Toning has a 660nm laser that is used for over 80% of diseases in Europe. It tones and brightens the skin from within.
Karis is used with the ampoule DA Karis Dew Cell which contains Leontopodium Callus Culture Extract derived from the famous mountain flower Edelweiss. It is known to fight wrinkles and improves for healthy glowing skin.

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