Best for oily congested skin.
This clogging could be due to excess oil production, accumulation of dead skin cells, or bacterial infection. Acne presents as small to large, red bumps on the skin which may be painful and pus-filled in some cases. Treatment depends on the age, type, and severity of acne.

(Added Option $30) LED Lights are offered in red, blue, and green as single sessions or part of a more complex treatment. Red is for calming and healing, while blue is used for reducing bacteria, such as in acne, and green is used for a reduction in scarring and hyperpigmentation. Ask our staff which is best for you.

Basic Acne Facial (70min) $130

Deep cleansing > Skin scaling > Lotion X > Extractions > Soothing machine > Special Mask

Intensive Acne Facial (90min) $150

Deep Cleansing >Skin Scaling > Lotion X > Extractions > Soothing machine + Blue LED Light or High Frequency > Special Mask

Deep Pore Cleansing + Extractions (80 min) $150

Deep pore cleansing > extractions > exfoliation > massage > toning and hydration > Special Mask

Deep pore cleansing treats excessive oil blemishes and helps prevent future break-outs. Best for oily congested skin.