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Synergy effect 1

Moisturizing effect

Helps deep miniaturization and nurturing of skin with low-molecular hyaluronic acid.
and 17 amino acids to hydrate and activate cells.

Synergy Effect 2

Supple skin texture

Improves skin texture niacinamide for whitening and 17 vitamins for a naturally radiating tone,
along with hyaluronic and amino acids.

Synergy Effect 3

Visible wrinkle-smoothing effect

Adenosine with anti-wrinkle properties helps smoothing out wrinkles in five different areas.
(forehead / between eyes / around eyes / nasolabial folds / around the lips)

Synergy Effect 4

Pore tightening

Provides four types of pore structure improvements for healthy, firm skin with tightening of pores in size and volume,
as well as reducing the number of visible pores and the density.

Welcome to PLASONIC!
What is plasma skin generation is a non-laser treatment that uses a device to deliver energy in form of plasma to rejuvenate skin by improving facial lines and wrinkles and skin pigmentation associated with photoaging.

• Anti-bacterial- A function that removes the causative bacteria of atopy by attaching to the cell wall.
• Atopy- it attaches to the cell wall and causes the Staphylocccus aureus bacteria to die.
• Acne, skin trouble, skin disease by ionizing active radicals, it kills the bacteria that causes inflammation and increases active oxygen inside the cells, inhibiting cell proliferation and creating an environment in which bacteria cannot proliferate.
• Plasma activates platelets, which play the biggest role in skin regeneration.
• Eradiates hyperpigmentation which are made of hydrogen and carbon.

Incomparable solution delivery technology via plasma (PlaPass) and ultrasonic (SonoPass) in one system.
PlaPass technology stimulates solution delivery through effect. Then the skin with membrane potential effect, then SonoPass gives physical pressure on the particles and helps them to absorb into deep skin layer.
Recently, plasma has expended its application to the beauty market. Plasma ion is emitted as invisible size of 20 to 50 ㎛ which transfers the energy into the skin.
Solution are dissolved into the skin temporarily as the cell adhesion molecules break due by plasma effect.
Ultrasound (US) has an ever-increasing role in the delivery of therapeutic agents including genetic material, proteins, and chemotherapeutic agents.
SonoPass is an active form of transdermal delivery which enhances the transport of permeants, such as solution through cell membranes as a result of ultrasonic energy.

One service- $450
4 times $1500 with 1 Special O2 Dermal Facial Value $200.

99% of the material is made up of plasma in universe. Plasma may be the most abundant form of ordinary matter, although this hypothesis is currently tentative based on the existence and unknown properties. Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter along with solid, liquid and gas.