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Our Story

Welcome everyone to Irene’s Skintopia

We welcome everyone to Irene’s Skintopia and thank you for visiting our website.


It’s no secret that our skin in stressful daily life is constantly exposed to harmful exterior elements like excessive sebum, dry skin, UV damage, and other symptoms of itching, stinging, burning, peeling, acne, and premature aging.


If you are looking for a skin program to treat your skin problems, Irene’s Skintopia is right there for you armed with an extensive successful skin treatment history.


We distinguish ourselves from the run of the mill skincare shops in that we offer personalized treatment based upon clients individual skin conditions using the state of the art equipment and best facial skincare products.


In addition to our highly trained and licensed staff, we will help you choose the right path to regain the clean and transparent skin you once had. Through such process we will help you achieve optimum and beautiful skin you are wanting to restore.


Please don’t hesitate and contact us via email or phone call and ask us for more information regarding our services.