Oligio Monopolar RF

Oligio Mono Polar RF

Oligo is a high-frequency lifting device that uses a frequency of 6.78 MHz. It is a skin tightening device that applies strong heat to the dermal layer of the skin to promote new collagen synthesis and increase skin elasticity.
Oligio lifting laser is a procedure that activates collagen in the dermal layer using Radiofrequency (RF) high frequency. By applying heat to the dermal collagen, it helps to contract collagen and stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen fibers. As a result, it has the effect of remodeling the dermis and regenerating collagen in the long term through a natural healing process.

Safe Treatment
Safe treatment with 4 safety systems:
• Epidermal protection using Contact Cooling
• Real-time Temperature Monitoring system for safe treatment
• Eliminate the risk of skin burn using Pressure Sensing system.
• Skin Impedance checking system for delivering safe energy


One Session is $1600-$1800 (600 shots)