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Mini Facial

$65             5 session $300  /  10 session $550        60min

Deep Cleansing  > Scrubber- 1st Mask  >  Face Massage > Toning – 2nd Whitening Mask

Basic Facial

$75            5 session $350 / 10 session $650        80min

Deep Cleansing > Scrubber > Face Décolleté Massage > Lotion X > Toning > Mask

+ Hydrating

Targets dry or mature skin. This facial aids in restoring the skin’s freshness vitality and moisture level.

이 페이셜은 전조하거나 내추럴 피부를 목표로 합니다. 피부의 신선한 환력과 보습을 회복 시키는데 도움을 줍니다.

+ Anti-Aging

Described as a non-surgical face lift, this treatment improves skin’s clarity, elasticity, texture and overall health. Also encourages detoxification and helps to speed cell metabolism.

비수술 치료 방법으로 알려진 주름 완화로 피부의 투명성, 탄력성, 결감과 전반적으로 피부 건강을 향상시켜줍니다.

+ Soothing

Removes dead skin cells and stimulates production of collagen and elastic, creating a smoother and more polished appearance.

죽은 각질 제거와  콜라겐, 엘라스틴을 자극하여 매끄럽고 광택이 나는 피부로 전환됩니다.

Intensive Facial

$95              5 session $450 / 10 session $850       100min

Deep Cleansing > Scrubber- 1st Mask > RF or Cryo > Face, Décolleté with back massage > Toning > Collagen Mask

+ Lifting Radio Frequency + Anti- Aging

The heat energy of electric waves can directly reach the deep layer of skin, which can effectively stimulate the collagen organization of the skin and increase the collage constantly, all which is a way to keep youth, keeping enough collagen in the skin.

피부의 젊음을 위한 방법으로 심부온열이 즉시 피부 깊은 곳에 들어가 가장 효과적으로 콜라겐 체제에 자극을 주어서 충분한 콜라겐을 유지시킵니다.

+ Brightening Cryo Zet + Hydrating

By concentrating anions, this Brightening Cryo Zet helps vitamin C or any kind of ampule to penetrate deep inside the skin to treat melisma.

브라이트닝 크라이오 젯은 비타민C나 모든 엠퓰을 음이온화 시켜 피부층에 깊게 침투하여 기미를 옅게 해줍니다.

+ Process

  • 1. Cleansing
  • 2. Ultrasonic
  • 3. RF or Cryo Zet-Face, Decollete
  • 4. Neck Massage
  • 5. Extraction
  • 6. Toning
  • 7. Lifting or Vitamin CMask
  • 8. Hand Massage

Acne Facial

Deep pore cleansing treats excessive oil blemishes and helps prevent future break-outs. Best for oily congested skin.

모공 청소는 피지 분비량이 많은 여드름과 나중에 생길 위험요소가 있는 여드름을 미리 예방합니다. 지성,복합성 피부에 적합합니다.

– Basic Acne $100     5 session $470 / 10 session $880   90min

Deep cleansing – Skin scaling – Lotion X – Extraction – Soothing machine – Mask

– Intensive Acne $120     5 session $570 / 10 session $1080   120min

Deep Cleansing – Skin Scaling – Lotion X – Extraction – Soothing machine + LED Light – Mask

Microdermabrasion + Anti-Aging Massage + Oxygen Therapy $185

Deep cleansing-Microdermabrasion-Lifting Face Massage-Oxygen Solution-Oxygen Moisture Mask

What causes acne?

1. An over activity of the sebaceous (oil) glands. These abnormal oil glands tend to be overly sensitive to hormone production…which causes even more oil…which makes the problem worse.
2. Excessive growth and insufficient shedding of skin cells. This tends to clog the pores and cause blackheads and whiteheads to form.
3. Bacterial growth in these oil-rich clogged pores. The above factors create an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. This inflames the skin and creates the redness associated with ‘pimples’. Cysts may develop beneath the skin’s surface. These cysts can rupture, spread infection into nearby tissue, and cause scarring.
  • Acne is not caused by:
  • -Foods (although there is some debate about dietary influences) 
  • -Dirt (excessive washing does not help) 
  • – Stress (although stress may make acne worse) 
  • – Hormones (although hormones may make acne worse)
  • Acne can become worse from:
  • – Picking and squeezing
  • -Stress • Monthly hormonal changes • Excessive hormone production (e.g. polycystic ovarian syndrome) • Contraceptives (due to the hormones) and other various medicines

+ Process

  • 1. Cleansing
  • 2. Ultrasonic
  • 3. RFor Cryo Zet-Face, Decollete
  • 4. Neck Massage
  • 5. Extraction
  • 6. Toning
  • 7. Lifting or Vitamin CMask
  • 8. Hand Massage

Special Facial

A. Hydrogen Therapy


5 session $ 570

10 session $995


B. Oxygen with Hydrogen Therapy


5 session $690

10 session $1295


(Includes an additional special mask treatment.)

A. Hydrogen Therapy   : Deep Cleansing – Skin Scaling – 1st Moisture Mask – Lymph Drainage Massage with Décolleté – RF or Cryo (Vital C) –Hydrogen therapy– 2nd Special Mask – Hand

B. Oxygen with Hydrogen Therapy  : Deep Cleansing – Skin Scaling – 1st Moisture Mask – Lymph Drainage Massage with Décolleté – RF or Cryo (Vital C) –Oxygen with hydrogen therapy– 2nd Special Mask – Hand

We prepare your skin to be clear and beautiful when it is undergoing high levels of stress and fatigue.

This effective program consists of providing beautiful attractive skin for longer makeup enhancement.

스트레스와 피로로부터 맑고 고운 피부를 지켜드립니다. 단기간에 최대한 균형있는 몸매와 매력적인 피부를 만들기 위한 효과적 프로그램이며, 메이크업의 지속력을 높여드립니다.