Semi-Permanent Makeup

WHAT IS SEMIPERMANENT MAKEUP? Beautiful make up for almost permanently.

It is a new makeup technique that has evolved from tattoo in order to prolong the effect of beautiful make up for almost permanently.

BENEFITS Beauty · Unique · Time Saver

It provides effect of make up without actual makeup by emphasizing your beautiful natural facial skin and structure and harmonizing weak points into contributing beauty of your face. This method of makeup is especially useful for those who are not confident about their makeup skills, who don’t have much time for makeup, and who enjoy various sports activities including swimming.

Our semi-permanent makeup at Irene’s Skintopia is different from those that leave marks of ugly blue eyebrow because we use only natural, skin friendly ingredients in tremendous choice of colors. We try to bring up the beautiful image your face deserves. If there is any weak point in your face, we will try to harmonize it into general image by using particular hair color and individual character.

Tattoo makeup will naturally and gracefully fade away in two to five years and allows you to re beautify according to your newly acquired taste and social fad

Without spending much time and effort each and every morning you will enjoy your natural face that has impressive lines and naturally beautiful without layer of makeup. For those of you who are always busy taking care of everyone but yourself or at work, semi-permanent makeup is ideal to present yourself with maximum effect with minimum time and investment.

During sports activities especially in swimming pool and sauna the beauty of semi-permanent makeup shines allowing you to be confident about yourself. For men who has little or none eyebrow our semi-permanent makeup is also ideal to show eyebrow in most natural way.