Irene's Skintopia | Petite Tattoo
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Petite Tattoo

Petite tattoos are for those of us who don’t always want to show off or need to conceal their tattoo for social purposes. These are great starter tattoos as usually everyone starts with a small design. These tattoo’s will last up 5-10 years because it is semi-permanent.


We have a choice of over 1000 small petite tattoo designs to choose from. Popular for women are butterflies, stars, flowers, tribal, animals and birds. Placement is equally as important as the design as deciding where you want to place it can represent your persona and personality along with the overall feel you wish to display. Fun areas are the foot and ankle, while more sexy and erotic areas such as the upper thigh or lower back can be shown in less formal occasions. Please ask us anything if you would like more information.

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